Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Moving Adventures #5: The Epic Week

We're mostly moved in at this point, but you'll have to wait a little long for pictures. In the meantime, I thought I'd go over how the move went.

The week leading up to the move was hectic to say the least. Diana was in tech for her show (Romeo and Juliet at Impact) leaving me in charge of all the last-minute packing. Unfortunately I started to come down with a cold that had wrestled with Diana the week before. I took Tuesday off to rest up and do some packing. Wednesday I felt a little better and had some meetings, so I went into the office. I survived the morning meeting, and then my manager encouraged me to reschedule the afternoon meeting and go home. Not being one to ever say no to leaving early, I did just that, even though I wasn't feeling all that bad.

Then somehow on the way home I walked through a hot zone. By the evening I had a fever of 101.5. Let's just say I did very little packing that day that couldn't be accomplished by sitting under blankets on the couch shivering with a wet towel on my forehead.

The next day was spent recovering.

Now suddenly it's Friday. I haven't done any packing since Tuesday night, and I haven't done any work since Wednesday. Or really since Tuesday since I spent Wednesday morning in a meeting. So I put in a full 8 hour day of working and frantically pack as much as I can Friday night.

But then Saturday comes. Glorious Saturday. Diana and I get up early, go sign our new lease and pick up the keys. We arrive back at home with just enough time to tidy up a bit before our outgoing landlords start showing our place to prospective new tenants. Then the plan was to pack like our pants were on fire.

Now here we must pause for some backstory. About a year ago, one of the arms broke off my glasses. I superglued it back on. In early February, the glue stopped holding. No worries, it still sort of stayed on. Then in mid-February, it fell off and I lost it. Now My insurance won't kick-in for new glasses until June. In an emergency they can move that up to March. So I just have to get them to last a couple more weeks and I can get new ones. Ok, I can still wear them with only one arm, sort of.

Now fast forward to Saturday morning. As hordes of strangers began filing through the mess of our home, I took my glasses off to adjust them a little, and they completely disintegrated. I mean lenses falling out, bridges evaporating; they have now turned into a tangle of metal and plastic.


As I am completely unable to function without them, I taped them back together enough that I could drive to lenscrafters without killing anyone. Two hours and several hundred dollars later I finally get home with a new pair.

So, I lose half of Saturday. Fortunately Diana was home to pick up the slack.

Sunday morning, Sadie was invited to a birthday party. As she is unable to drive, or walk herself great distances unattended, we had to take her. It was a lovely party, and a brilliant excuse to procrastinate. There went Sunday morning.

I don't remember Sunday afternoon or evening. It must have been a blur of boxes and bubble wrap. Somehow we managed to get it all done, even if I was frantically throwing things in bags and boxes as the movers loaded up the truck around me.

That's what I meant by an epic week.

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