Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Moving Adventures #1: Oh Right

Um... Hello. Your Intrepid Hero here. Normally I don't write these myself. My "chronicler" does. He's very good at making my adventures sound very grandiose and important. Unfortunately he's sort of fallen down on the job of late. You'll notice he only documented one of my adventures all of last year. That's not a very thorough chronicler.

Don't worry, I haven't fired him. He may still pop in from time-to-time to post episodes or even to punch up the stuff I'm writing a little. I may even imitate his style every now and then, but he's better at it than I am.

In any case, I'm moving! (Or rather "we're" moving. Your Hero is officially married now.) I thought I might use this space to write about our moving adventure a little. I'll fill you in on the details and backstory eventually, probably through a series of cleverly nested "flashbacks". In the meantime, I started packing last night.

We're moving in less than 2 weeks, and D (our heroine) is stage managing a show that opens just a few days before we move. The date was my brilliant idea, and it means that I will be responsible for basically all of the packing.

Normally I hate packing, but I wasn't looking at this round of packing with nearly as much paralyzing dread as I usually do. Perhaps it's because I moved twice in a span of just 4 months a few years ago, or maybe it's because I still remember a time about 10 years ago when I packed up all of my belongings in all of about a day (only to unpack them the next day when the move fell through). In any case, as I eyed our tiny one bedroom apartment... ah-hem "super-lair", I kept thinking "this won't take too long".

Isn't that always the way? You look around at your stuff and think "This isn't too bad. How long can this take?" You start with visions of getting the whole living room packed up in no time. Taping boxes is fun. You think "Maybe I should slow down. I have almost 2 full weeks." Then 2 hours later you collapse in your easy chair exhausted and realize all you've managed to do is pack up your DVDs and 2 shelves in your bookcase.

Oh right, moving's a pain in the ass.

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