Friday, March 5, 2010

Episode 43: The New Addition

When last we left our intrepid hero, he was struggling to open a particularly well sealed jar of pickles, only to realize he'd fallen into the trap of the Pickle-Jar-Mind-Stealer. This left him unable to chronicle his adventures for the last 5 months.

When he awoke from his internet coma, our hero stumbled across a strange piece of intelligence. You see, his manager at the day job he keeps to maintain his secret identity, informed our hero that a friend of a friend of hers had a 9 month old Dachshund puppy looking for a home.

Now, our hero's partner in justice, whom shall henceforth be known as our heroine, has been greatly in need of a canine companion for sometime. You see, her powers are greatly enhanced when in the company of a dog. Alas, the landlord or our heroes fortress of solitude does not allow for pets... and yet... Our hero had sensed a certain crack in her resolve.

Summoning on all of his powers of persuasiveness, our hero sent his landlord a quick email wondering if they might be able to get a dog.

Alas! He did not know his own strength for soon she was not only consenting but offering to lend him a baby gate for partitioning off parts of the fortress of solitude from the puppy's presence.

So, the following Saturday our heroes hopped into their Honda-Mobile and drove the perilous journey to Sebastopol to meet said puppy. They arrived intended to see if it was a good fit and then think about the matter. But when they met Sadie-Super-Puppy, she soon started licking their faces with joy and before they knew what was happening, they were driving down a country road with a dog in the backseat.

This rapid turn of events threw our heroes for a loop even more than the attack of the 50-Meter-Meter-Maid. It's taken all of their resolve over the last few weeks to adjust to this new development, and will continue to test their fortitude in the months ahead.

But fear not! Our heroes are strong and now they are even stronger with the new addition to their league of heroes.

Will Sadie settle in and stop being so crazy?
Will she ever stop peeing form excitement whenever our heroine arrives home?
and most importantly
Isn't she cute?

Find out the answers to these important questions and more in the next episode of
Our Intrepid Hero

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