Thursday, October 8, 2009

Episode 42: Not Faire

When last we left our intrepid hero his brains were slowly oozing out of his ears as he gazed into the death screen of death. Fortunately there was that power outage and everything worked out for the best.

Last Saturday our hero and his trusty companion were called upon to use their super-human powers of patronage to spend a day at the Northern California Renaissance Faire. They enjoyed the wonderful weather, some fine entertainment, and good food that had unfortunately been attacked by Over-Priced Man. All told, however a successful afternoon. They even stopped at Sonic so that our trusty companion could recharge her superpowers (Sonic being her version of Superman’s yellow sun) and picked up an apricot pie at Casa de Fruita.

That’s when things took a turn. They’re voyage home took them along a lonely dangerous stretch of Highway 101 where almost exactly one year before our hero had fallen victim to Blown-Tire Man. While our hero ultimately triumphed, it was not before his planned weekend at Faire had been derailed.

After the trouncing Blown-Tire Man had suffered that day, our hero assumed he would not rear his inconvenient head again. And yet… he did. Suddenly our hero found himself on the side of the road loosening lug nuts yet again. After swapping out the torn treads for a donut, our heroes then had to tussle with Can-Only-Drive-50-MPH-On-880 Man. As some of you know, that’s not easy to survive.

But survive our heroes did only to get home and suffer their worst setback yet: the apricot pie was horrible.

Will our heroes ever go to Ren Faire again?
Where the tires, brand new as of a year ago, just plain defective?
Or most importantly…
Is it that they pave 101 with upturned nails?

Find out the answers to these important questions and more in the next episode of
Our Intrepid Hero

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