Friday, July 24, 2009

Episode 41: The Thwartingo

When last we’d left our intrepid hero, he had saved Mr. Hamster from the evils of his solitary ballfinement.

But now he was on to bigger and better challenges. After a near fatal encounter with Tired-Of-All-The-Music-On-His-iPod Man, our hero resolved to purchase some new music. Unfortunately he got waylaid by Always-Forgetting-To-Actually-Do-It Girl. Finally though, upon encountering a slow lazy day at his regular job, he finally made a short list of albums to purchase and went to MP3-Website-Named-After-A-Rainforest to make his purchases and vanquish his foes.

After deftly navigating to the first album on his list, he was dismayed to see that the only button that seemed to allow him to purchase the album said “Purchase with 1Click”. Now our hero does not believe in making purchases this way. He wants to be able to see the total and choose the right address and payment method for the purchase. He also wants the opportunity to change his mind.

But with no other options, he clicked it. Only to be taken to a page that required him to download their special music downloading software. “Ok,” he thought. “I can do that.” The download was quick as lighting and the installation as painless as a nice nap. He went back to the album and clicked the buy button…

Only to be taken back to the page telling him to download the downloading software. He reloaded the page. Didn’t work. He closed his web browser and relaunched it. Nope. He tried a different browser. Nada. Finally he noticed a tiny tiny text link that could only be seen by his superhuman eyes that said to click here to enable the software if it was already installed. He clicked it…

It took him back to the album page. Could it be? Would it work? He clicked once more on the buy button and…

Was taken back to the page telling him to download the downloading software. ARFGGG… Alas and alack our hero is still being assaulted by Tired-Of-All-The-Music-On-His-iPod Man. Thwarted by Idiotic- MP3-Website-Named-After-A-Rainforest

But this is not the end! He will be back!!!

Will our hero ever succeed in purchasing new music?
Which popular MP3 site will he use?
And most importantly…

Find out the answers to these important questions and more in the next episode of
Our Intrepid Hero

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