Saturday, May 23, 2009

Episode 40: Adventures in Babysitting

When last we left our intrepid hero he was hanging by his toes over a fat of sulphuric acid. Thank goodness he had those chicken bones.

With his trusty partner in crime-fighting away on a special mission in Seattle, our hero took on a challenge that would test the very limits of his super-powers: babysitting Miss-S-Honorary-Niece Girl. After a long day of meditation and warm-up exercises, our hero made the short trek across town to Miss-S’s secret hide-out.

He arrived just as Miss-S’s father and grandfather were donning their super-suits for an adventure into the City to watch Miss-S’s mother rescue San Francisco theater-goers from an attack of the Borings by entertaining them in Shakespeare the Musical. They turned over the keys to Miss-S, and departed… leaving our hero alone… with a 2 year old!

Soon our hero was helping Miss-S rescue the bookshelf from Everything-On-The-Bookshelf-Is-Static-And-Not-Moving Man by pulling random items down, examining them, and putting them back. Then, as she refueled her super-cells with some Moo-Juice, our hero fought off the Vacuum-of-Silence Villain by reading aloud from Miss-S’s favorite picture books. After defeating said villain in the living room, the two went to Miss-S’s bedroom to do battle the same fiend! It took several more books read aloud to finally vanquish there foe. Exhausted by the effort, our hero laid Miss-S down in her crib, tucked her in, and said good-night.

With Miss-S sound asleep in the living room, our hero made sure the television didn’t break from underuse while refueling his own super-cells on some lovely soup.

How long will Miss-S sleep?
Will our hero survive the entire weekend with his sweetie gone?
And most importantly...
How many games will the Cubs loose in a row?

Find out the answers to these important questions and more in the next episode of
Our Intrepid Hero

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Dave said...

A lovely tale. But I know all your secret identities... Muahahahahaaa!

signed, D. Rex