Monday, September 22, 2008

Episode 35: The Fall of Egypt

When last we left our intrepid hero he was eating mooseburgers in Alaska, waving at Russia from across the Bering Straight.

Then one day, our hero had to accept the fact that his ancient Egyptian laptop computer, run on the power of scarab beetles and beholden to the sun god Rah for connection to wifi could no longer help him in his never ending fight against crime and villainy.

After doing some research and emailing Brian-Tech-Guru Man up in Portland, he decided a more modern computer was in order. Perhaps one built using today’s modern new fangled technology. Deciding upon Dell as his computer supplier of choice, our hero began the seemingly endless process of tinkering with configurations on different models hoping to find one that met his desired specs and price range.

Finally he landed on configuration that he liked, but alas it was more money than the Super Hero Council had allotted him to spend. Not do be deterred, he used his superior web skills to look for coupon codes, only to find a special 2 day sale from Dell on the very model and configuration he desired! Faster than a speeding bullet, he ordered his laptop lickety split.

Then our hero sat back and began his daily, obsessive checks of this order status. After several day had passed without his order showing up online in his account, he called Dell’s Customer Service Wizards, only to get trapped in transfer loop that left him bouncing around different departments until he finally landed in sales.

It seems our hero’s order had been eaten by the Great-Mysterious-Computer monster and never actually processed! Fortunately, our hero retrieved from his archives his confirmation email and the good people at Dell sales were able to reconfigure his laptop at the same price. Phew! Otherwise our hero would have had to go unleash the full strength of his powers upon Dell and bring about their untimely demise.

Can you believe the Cubs made it to the playoffs?
When will Kenley finally get booted from Project Runway?
When will our hero get his new computer?
And most importantly…
Will Rah punish him for turning to a new wifi god?

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