Monday, June 16, 2008

Episode 27: Birthday!

Tara and I

When last we left our intrepid hero he was so scarred from the last Hulk movie that he vowed not to see the new one, no matter how many good reviews it got.

Last weekend our hero was overwhelmed with special super secret BIRTHDAY MISSIONS. That’s right, our hero turned a year older on Sunday, but don’t look for his name on the ballot this November 4th. In spite of his super hero abilities, he’s still too young to run for President.

The BIRTHDAY MISSONS began Saturday afternoon when he joined forces with Miss-Tara-Super-Friend Woman, who’s birthday was Saturday, to have the first annual Alan and Tara Mini-Golf Open at McInnis Park in Marin. With prizes available for Best Trash Talking, Best Dressed, and Best Overall Style as well as lowest and highest score, close to 20 people turned out to compete.

Karen, Laurie, me as "Best Dressed Male", and Diana

Miss-Tara finished with the lowest score at 51. Our hero used his fabulous powers to score one hole-in-one on the treacherous course as well as bringing home the prize for Best Dressed Male, thanks largely to a pair of checked pants purchased the week before at a vintage shop in the Mission. Miss-Rachael-Johnny-Friday Girl won Best Dressed Female thanks to her old-school dress, heels, and parasol. She also took home highest overall score with a 76. How can you be expected to put well in high heels?

Rachael as "Best Dressed Female"

Then all entrants went out for pizza. Er, except the Pizza place had been attacked by the Closed-When-They-Said-They’d-Be-Open Monster. So everyone went next door to the World’s Most Expensive But Oh So Good Deli, where cake was eaten and presents opened.

Our hero then leant his super-human card playing abilities to the Impact Theatre Full Houses Poker Tournament and Fundraiser. Unfortunately our hero was no match for Everyone-Else-Who-Actually-Knew-How-To-Play-Poker and was eliminated after 2 hours of playing. You might think that good, but he was still one of the first 5 eliminated. Fortunately that left him more free time to drink, eat free pizza, and tons and tons of sweets.

Then Sunday, our hero’s actual birthday, he spent a relaxing day with Miss-Diana-Super Girlfriend. They went to the Berkeley Marina and flew Barnaby the Wonder Kite (A present from Larry-Man the day before). Then they explored a new seafood restaurant near our hero’s super lair. He had Opah, the fish, not the talk-show host.

Oh, and our hero got fabulous presents from Miss D! Including Elvis shot glasses, a new bag, a Cubs shirt, and Cubs tickets (for when they play the Giants)! Woohoo!

Can the Cubs continue their winning ways?
Will the Mets fire Willie Randolph... oh wait, they did.
and most importantly...
Where are my keys?

Find out the answers to these important questions and more in the next episode of
Our Intrepid Hero

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