Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Episode 22: Burlesque

When last we left our intrepid hero he was about to be killed my Dr. Devil’s laser-ray. Thank goodness he had his trusty Thomas Guide to Los Angeles with him.

Many moons ago an old friend of our hero’s started up a Union of Near Topless (Save for Pasties) Dancers for the Purpose of Public Performance and Dancing, otherwise known as a UNT(SP)DPPPD, or Burlesque Troupe, for short.

Now Rachael-Johnny-Friday Girl, the friend in question, had frequently come to our hero’s aid as an audience member for his many performances. Seeing his friend in similar need of her own, our hero strove to attend her performances.

Only to be thwarted time and again by the evil Out-of-Town-Every-Time-They-Had-a-Gig Monster or Have-a-Show-of-My-Own-That-Night Man and once by My-God-I’ve-Been-Busy-All-Week-I-Just-Need-a-Night-Off Boy.

Then word reached our hero through secret communication channels, otherwise known as, that the Union of Near Topless (Save for Pasties) Dancers for the Purpose of Public Performance and Dancing would be part of a special evening of music and burlesque on a night when our hero was not otherwise previously engaged doing battle with other villains!

On the appointed night, our hero trekked down to the secret location of the event at the Space Gallery on Polk Street in a building where years ago our hero used to practice improv with the Fibbs. Our hero arrived just as the first band began their set, and he settled into long enjoyable evening hanging out with his friend, when she wasn’t performing, and her boyfriend and friend of our hero’s Named-For-A-Religion Boy.

The evening was really a birthday celebration for someone our hero did not know, but he did know many of the attendees and most of the attendees knew each other. The crowd was an interesting mix of the hip and tragically not hip. Attendee highlights included Tahitian-Renaissance-Faire Chick, Angry-Sulking-Lesbian Boy, The Young-Elfin-Lesbians-In-Love Posse, Woman-Trying-Not-To-Kill-The-Girl-Who-Had-Been-Having-An-Affair-With-Her-Husband Woman and Girl-Who’d-Had-An-Affair-With-Her-Husband Girl. Fortunately the Husband in question was absent.

All-in-all a good time was had by all and our hero finally got to see his friend perform in all her glory.

Who's birthday was it?
When will our hero finally get to sleep tonight?
And most importantly...
When will he have time to fold his laundry?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in the next episode of...
Our Intrepid Hero

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Jessica said...

I love your names for people, and have many ideas of who angry-sulking-lesbian boy is - my many guesses may not be right, but that's ok, they're amusing to me anyway!