Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Episode 16: European Vacation

When last we left our intrepid hero he had invented a new kind of shoe lace that would have revolutionized shoe tying and stopped global warming. Unfortunately the powerful shoe lace industry kept his new technology from ever reaching the market.

Our hero went on a grand adventure over the last two weeks. He had intended to chronicle it more in detail as it happened, but alas was thwarted by I’m-On-Vacation-And-Can’t-Be-Bothered Man.

That’s right, our hero was called away to join forces with other members of his superhero family to pump much needed hard American currency into the Italian economy. Our hero’s sister and her merry band of heroes, The C-Man, Her Roy-O Highness, and Mr. McGargitecutre Loffessor’s Architecture Professor were already stationed in Rome for a semester under the guise of the Professor teaching Iowa State students on a semester abroad. But their currency alone was not enough to stabilize the Italian economy, so our hero and his mother quickly flew to Rome to lend a hand.

A great deal of walking and sightseeing ensued along with a healthy amount of souvenir shopping. Our hero rekindled his love affair with blood orange juice and broadened it to include consuming the oranges themselves. The C-Man, a fine aficionado of bread and tomato product, rated each pizzeria with a traditional roman thumbs-up or thumbs-down, and Her Roy-O Highness would live on gelato if given the chance.

At various piazza’s throughout Italy, The C-Man and Her Roy-O Highness did battle with the evil Pigeon Hordes infesting the region. The C-Man runs at the birds attempting to use his kung-fu kick on them, while O prefers a more stealthy approach with the intent of capturing them. Fortunately she never succeeds.

Realizing that other cities in Italy also needed an influx of currency, our hero and his mother rushed off to Venice for a quick one day visit to that fabulous city. They dined on in the sunshine on along the Grand Canal, got lost in the maze of streets, and shopped!

Then they rushed off to Florence to meet up with our hero’s sister and her children. There they were ambushed by Unseasonable-Cold-Weather Man who dropped temperatures down to around 3 degrees Centigrade (that’s about 38 degrees Fahrenheit for the heathens among you.) But they would not be deterred from their mission!

Alas after a long 10 day incursion, our hero and his team decided it was time to reduce their presence in Italy and finally send some of the heroes home. Thusly 30% of the heroes were involved in a staggered withdrawal leaving behind our hero’s sister and her merry band of heroes to maintain a base in Italy. However a timetable was set for their withdrawal with all heroes stationed in Italy to return home by this summer.

When will our hero recover from the jet lag?
When will he post pictures from the trip?
and most importantly...
Who will be the big winner on Super Tuesday 2?

Find out the answers to these important questions and more in the next episode of...
Our Intrepid Hero

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