Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Episode 15: Super Weekend

When last we left out intrepid hero he was dangling from a tall building with nothing but a razor blade and the November issue of Atlantic Monthly. Phew, thank goodness he was so well equipped.

As the Super Weekend approached, leading up to this Super Tuesday, our hero had a super task placed in front of him: He had to rid his secret hide-out of an infestation of the Incredible-Messy-Monster. That’s right, if they’re not careful, even super heroes can be infested by the nasty critter.

Our hero began tackling it Saturday morning by attacking the monster’s strongholds in the area of paper stacks and old mail. After a measure of success he stepped out to refuel with some lunch.

What’s this? A call over the Hero Phone. Super-Miss-S-Woman calling. Baby-S is awake from a nap and in a good mood. Quickly our hero swooped over to their super lair for some play time with the baby and some stimulating adult conversation with Miss-S.

What’s this? Super-Miss-DS-Woman is having a pre-Super Tuesday Party and viewing of the Democratic Debate (on DVR). Our hero swoops through the rain to her fabulous new super lair to make side bets on the debate and rescue alcoholic beverages from evaporation.

Meanwhile back at home, the Messy Monster still awaits. But our hero returns from said party and attacks it some more before turning in for the night.

The next day he goes shopping! (Very different from what he did last year on Super Bowl Sunday.) For most of the day. Without buying much of anything. He does, however, manage to rescue a new digital camera from the clutches of poor staffing Best Buy and have a lovely lunch at Ikea.

But what’s waiting for him when he returns home? That’s right. The Messy Monster. He attacks it with his super weapon: The Vacuum Cleaner. The Mop. And the most dastardly of them all, The Old Sock Used as Dust Rag.

Finally he managed to subdue the beast, at least for now. An infestation of the Incredible-Messy-Monster is almost impossible to eradicate completely, but at least he’s slowed its growth considerably.

Then our hero sat down and watched the Super Bowl on tape. What a game!

Where will the Messy Monster strike again?
Is the Patriot’s Dynasty over?
And most importantly…
Who will be the big Super Tuesday winner?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in the next episode of…
Our Intrepid Hero

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