Friday, January 25, 2008

Episode 14: Iron Chef

When last we left our intrepid hero, he was trying to get you to review his novel on Amazon. Have you don’t that yet?

Last weekend he and his fellow super-hero improvisors at the Un-Scripted Theater Company and Justice League went away to a rented fortress of solitude on Stinson Beach for their annual Martin Luther Kind Jr. Day Weekend Improv retreat.

Our hero was doing battle with Winter-Flu-Blug, but fortunately for all he was on the verge of defeating it when the weekend began. The first night, the few members who managed to get to the house at a reasonable hour, were treated to a lovely meal prepared by C-Utz Man and viewing of the Flight of the Choncords on DVD. Our hero laughed.

The weekend was filled with long walks on the beach, occasional bouts of improv (including the discovery of “the status improv game that will change your life”), hot tubbing, game playing (including our hero beating Miss-M-Sleeps-On-the-Couch Woman without any cards in play), and lot’s and lot’s of cooking and food.

This year teams were assigned to cook dinner and each meal was scored ala Iron Chef. The cook with the best score at the end of the weekend would earn the title Iron Chef Un-Scripted. Fortunately we’d rented a fortress of solitude with a completely stocked kitchen and shelves and shelves of cook books.

Our hero was on 2 dinner teams and 1 breakfast. His first dinner, he came up with the theme “everything flambéed” and everything was. Flambéed cheese with the salad. Flambéed pizza for the main course. Flambéed bananas/mango foster for dessert. And a flaming brandy punch taken from a recipe in “Convivial Dickens: the drinks and times of Charles Dickens.”

Having shot is wad on the flambé meal, our hero was content to let others direct dinner the following night. The meal had Thai themes with… well… lots of stuff.

Finally for his breakfast, armed with powdered Spirulina, our hero directed a repast of green eggs and ham, along with a super apple baked thing by Mr. D-D-Game-Master Man.

When the votes were tallied, our hero came out on top as Iron Chef Un-Scripted! We’ll see if anyone can defeat him next year.

Has anyone ever flambéed pizza before?
Why was Heath Ledger at Mary-Kate Olsen’s apartment?
And most importantly…
Where have all the flowers gone?

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