Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Episode 9: Thanksgiving Weekend

When last we left our intrepid hero, he was about to embark upon a Thanksgiving adventure to the fabulous Miss-D-Super-Girlfriend Woman’s parent’s secret hide-out in Berkeley. He was charged with the task of cooking the Turkey, largely because Miss-D’s parents don’t really eat meat. But Miss-D and her Grandparent’s do, and so does our hero!

Our hero cooked the turkey the only way he knew how, on the grill. Along the way he did battle with The-Grill’s-Too-Small Monster and The-Turkey-Stopped-Cooking-10-Degrees-From-Being-Done-Because-The-Coals-Didn’t-Quite-Last-Long-Enough Man. But, the bird came off just fine, an hour and a half later than our hero had planned. Our hero also managed to survive prolonged exposure to the Girlfriend's family with nary a radiation burn. In fact, he quite enjoyed their company.

The rest of the holiday weekend our hero spent holed up in his super-lair studying for the GRE. He did find time to emerge long enough to light opening night of Let It Snow! He also dusted off his improv super powers to perform in the show on Saturday night.

If you’d like to see our hero defy death by singing, dancing, and acting in a full-length improvised musical (that’s right, no script), go see Let It Snow Saturday night December 1 or Saturday afternoon December 15.

Will our hero manage to play the protagonist in at least one show?
Will he set another memorable chorus like he did for Kellyville?
and most importantly...
Who will play in the BCS Championship game?

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