Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Episode 8: The Job Offer

When last we left our intrepid hero, his co-worker at Large Pharmaceutical Distribution Company had just fallen victim to Transfering-Into-A-Bettter-Position-In-A-Different-Department woman. Oh No! Now his co-workers had to pull together to fight the Staffing-Vacuum Monster.

What does this mean?

Well, it means our hero’s temp assignment has been extended indefinitely and should he choose to apply for the now vacated position, he should theoretically have a leg up as he’ll already be doing the job. Yay!

But then, on Monday, an old long forgotten enemy resurface: Hippie-College-Office-Manager-Position Man. You see, our hero applied for said position last month. He interviewed. Yay! They reposted the position on Craigslist. Boo! He interviewed again. Yay! He heard nothing from them for a month. Boo!

Then they toyed with him. They emailed him asking him if he was still interested in the position. He said “sure”. Why not? He asked when they were going to decide.

They responded “Soon. Currently we’d like to hire you.” Yay? Our hero was not entirely sure what that meant. “Currently?” Could they change their mind at any moment? They are hippies, our hero supposed.

He called them at the prearranged time. They did not answer. They called him back… eventually and offered him the position! I guess he spoke to them at the right time, before they changed their mind.

Our hero considered it, but after a day of doing battle with his imagination and Thinking-Through-All-The-Possible-Ramifications Man, he came to the conclusion that he could not go back to being an office manager again.

He turned the job down.


Will our hero get a permanent gig where he’s at?
Will he get into grad school?
And most importantly…
Will his Turkey turn out OK tomorrow?

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