Monday, November 12, 2007

Episode 6: A Weekend to Work

When last we left our intrepid hero, he was buckling down for a weekend to be spent largely cooped up in his apartment working on top secret projects including his attempt to conquer Grad-School-Application Man in order to embark on his MFA in Writing Quest, as well as defeating the evil Selling-His-Novel Villain, who is perhaps the most monstrous of all.

Our hero managed to make headway against both of them, but not as much as he had hoped. With Grad-School-Application Man having set a doomsday clock swiftly ticking down to zero, our hero has a lot of work to do.

In between keeping his nose to the grindstone, our hero had time to do battle with the Messy-Apartment Monster, help Miss-S-Yes-I’m-Adorable-And-Now-I-Can-Crawl Baby (along with her mother Miss-S-I’m-Not-Going-Insane-Really-I’m-Not Woman) tame the swings at the playground and explore the inexplicable wonder that is sand, and join forces with Miss-G-Excuse-Me-While-I-Untangle-This-Mess-Of-Cords Woman and Mr-B-Excuse-Me-While-I-Agressively-Ride-The-Couch Man in liberating a 12-pack of beer from its glassy confines.

Our hero capped off the weekend by making a meatloaf.

Now as our hero sits at his desk on the 33rd floor of Large-Pharmaceutical-Distribution-Company Corporate Headquarters, he realizes he can see from his window the MV Cosco Bu anchored in the Bay. If only his powers included Oil Spill Prevention or Clean Up. At least he doesn’t live near the Black Sea.

Will our hero complete his grad school applications in time?
When will society abandon oil as a major energy source?
And most importantly…
Did you see the Illini beat OSU on Saturday? Go Illini!

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