Thursday, November 8, 2007

Episode 5: The Move and Jet Lag

When last we left our intrepid hero, his 3 year-old nephew Joseph-Jogantor Boy preferred our hero’s 1554 Black Ale to his father’s Bud or his grandma’s red wine.

Monday morning, the movers arrived bright and early at 8:30am and began the task of loading up the truck at a dead run. Literally. They ran. For 4 hours, until they’d loaded up everything. Our hero assisted Mom-I’m-Never-Going-To-Get-This-Done Lady in frantically packing up the kitchen in time for the movers to take it with them. The movers were fast. So was she.

In the meantime Dad-I’m-Never-Moving-Again Man finished packing his office at break neck speed as well.

The movers left at 1:30, but more work was left to be done. Boxes still needed to be packed and loaded into Dad Man’s truck and Mom Lady’s car, and various acts of cleaning needed to be performed. But soon Dad Man was able to hit the road bound for the new super-lair in Michigan. Mom Lady and our hero, dazed and tired, went out for an early dinner before dropping our hero off at the airport for his flight home.

Our hero had made arrangements for the fabulous Miss-D-Super-Girlfriend Woman to pick him up at Oakland airport. However, when he arrived at the airport he was attacked by You’re-Flying-Into-San Francisco-Not-Oakland-Dumb-Ass Man. Quickly our hero made phone calls in an attempt to fend him off. Fortunately Miss-T-She’s-The-Best Woman was available to pick him up instead and a crisis was narrowly averted.

Monday our hero limped through the day doing constant battle with Jet-Lag Man and his treacherous side-kick Lack-Of-Sleep Boy. Somehow he was able to survive and even attend rehearsal that night for his next improv show.

Currently our hero is still tired and in denial about being in the clutches of the Seasonal-Cold-Monster. His head is cloudy and his narrative skills are somewhat lacking.

Will our hero defeat the Seasonal-Cold-Monster?
What is our hero’s next improv show?
And most importantly…
What is the square root of 264?

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