Sunday, November 4, 2007

Episode 4: The Football Match

When last we left our intrepid hero, he was setting the land speed record for a man riding a donkey through pudding.

But on to more pressing matters.

Friday afternoon our hero took a break from his frantic sorting and packing at his parent’s secret lair to drive with Mom-I’m-Going-Crazy-Packing Lady up to Michigan to see the new super-lair. Quite nice. Our hero can’t wait to see it once it’s been moved into. Our hero and Mom Lady then spent the night at the other Michigan super-lair, which is for sale, if you’re interested.

Saturday morning they trekked down to South Bend, IN for the Notre Dame/Navy football match. Our hero has been to a Notre Dame home game every year for the last 25 years, his first being a Notre Dame/Navy game back in 1983. Notre Dame won that game. In fact, Notre Dame had beaten Navy 43 consecutive times dating back to the 60’s, the longest streak in college football. Could they make it 44? Given the Irish’s dismal season so far (only 1 victory), our hero thought this could finally be Navy’s year.

Our hero and Mom Lady met up with Dad-I’m-Not-Making-Much-Headway-Packing Man and our hero’s nephew Jackzilla-About-To-Turn-7 Boy, who for a special birthday treat, was going to the game with Grandpa. While Mom Lady, for a special birthday treat, was going to the game with our hero.

It was a beautiful day for football, at least in the sun. It was freezing in the shade. Fortunately our hero and Mom Lady were sitting in the North end zone in tickets acquired in the alumni lottery by our hero’s uncle, while Dad Man and Jackzilla sat in the Goy family seats in the South end zone, in the shade, slowly succumbing to Frost-Bite Man.

According to Dad Man, Jackzilla enjoyed about 4 minutes of the game before being attacked by Oh-My-God-I’m-Only-7-And-I’m-So-Bored-Let’s-Go-Play-Catch-With-My-New-Football Man. Dad Man managed to fend the evil villain off for some time preventing Jackzilla from falling victim to Let’s-Go-Now! until almost halftime. At which point Mom Lady left our hero’s side and left with Jackzilla while Dad Man joined our hero for the rest of the game and thawed out.

It was a great game. A neck and neck battle that could not be decided after just 60 minutes of regulation time, and no, not even 2 overtimes were enough. Three, count ‘em, three overtimes it took. Could Notre Dame salvage part of a dismal season by being able to say “Well, at least we kept the streak alive.” Or would Navy quarterback Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada (that’s really his name) become the first Navy quarterback since Roger Staubach in 1963 to beat the Irish? All Notre Dame had to do was make a 2-point conversion to force a 4th overtime. All Navy had to do was stop them to win the game.

And Navy did!

They won!

Why is our hero, a life-long Irish fan, excited? Because it was fun and historic, and our hero’s Dad was in the Navy and was thrilled. In fact, our hero’s not sure he’s ever seen Dad Man so excited.


Will Notre Dame finish with its worst season ever?
Will it take Navy another 44 years to beat Notre Dame?
And most importantly…
Will they actually get the whole house packed up before the moving van arrives Monday?

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